James Masayoshi Mitose
- Information regarding the founder of Kosho Shorei Ryu Kenpo and the common origin of the modern Kenpo systems.

Biographic Summary
Page One: Introduction
Page Two: Origin
Page Three: Authority
Page Four: Sources
Page Five: Kenpo
Page Six: Rank
Page Seven: Ancestry
Page Eight: Shinto
Page Nine: Shaka-In
Page Ten: Forgotten
Page Eleven: James
Page Twelve: The Math
Site Map
Table of Contents
The information on this site represents a cross-section of available ideas and interpretations regarding the life and teachings of James Mitose.  The overall design of this series of lecture readings is to provided a basis for conversation and independent opinion as available information on James is offered often with bias towards the business entity of information dispersement.  This bias results in the polarising opinion regarding the man.  Each page of this site will discuss one topic for analysis that will lead the reader to a critical and normalised position of the founder of the "kenpo" tradition.

Posted Lecture Readings:

Biographic Summary of James Mitose
Page One: Introduction
Page Two: The Origin "Ideas" of Kenpo
Page Three: History as the Authority of the Idea
Page Four: The Sources of Information
Page Five: Kenpo and Kosho
Page Six: Rank and the Process of Name
Page Seven: The Ancestral Record of James Mitose
Page Eight: Shinto, The Yoshida Clan, Kumamoto Castle, and James Mitose
Page Nine: Shaka-In and the Development of a Kenpo Lineage
Page Ten: James Mitose - The Almost Forgotten Founder
Page Eleven: James
Page Twelve: The Math and the Teachings
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