James Masayoshi Mitose
- Information regarding the founder of Kosho Shorei Ryu Kenpo and the common origin of the modern Kenpo systems.

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Page Seven: The Ancestral Record of James Mitose
     The ancestry of James Mitose becomes a point of critical contention for many of the ideological descents as the ancestral history supports the "true" teachings or for that matter teachings that must be correct as they have existed beyond our common life spans of recollection.  The ancestral history supports potential genetic lines, sociologic position, as well as religious teachings and world understandings.  This collection of information is consider to be the least relevant amongst the descendent lineages.

     The important aspect of James' ancestral line lies in the prediction of a potential school of thought in martial application.  Even with the existence of this school of thought, the descendents' of James must still prove whether that school of thought holds validity and authority under the modern scope of practice.  A common point of contention amongst some of the divergent lineages.

     Currently, the professed records are utilized to support a martial lineage based upon intellectual property.  Some consider the intellectual property to be physical information.  Others consider this intellectual property to consist of some form of mental, analytical, spiritual and/or code of conduct.

The Ancestral Lines of Record

     Expressed amongst the community of descendents are two lines of lineage development-one line in support of a physical intellectual record, while the other line supports a conceptual intellectual record.  Arguably, if one evaluates both systems, one will see that they are the same at their core of practicality.  Both tend to argue and teach, at their base, a physical record in regards to special movements. For now this will be ignored and we will consider the intellectual lines as presented to the general consumer public.

     The physical line of record stems from individuals that believe the intellectual record consists of "special moves".  This belief then forces us to consider whether these special moves hold advantage in modern applications.  The supporters of this intellectual line benefit from the seemingly timelessness and comfort of tradition.  Authority and validity is proven by durability and survival within the human record, never questioning the origin and considerations of the available technologies.

     Opposition to this line of record consider the intellectual lines to be inaccurate, but spend equal time proving alternate lines of physical intellectual record.  Those that dismiss and deny the lines of record tend to cite its inappropriate application and separation of the line from the desires and needs of the modern practitioners.

     The conceptual line of record stems from individuals that believe the intellectual record consists of a series of conceptual ideas such as to "escape" as well as a series of "special secret movements".  Supporters of these lines of human record cite the modern application of these codes and concepts.  The most problematic aspect in this line of record lies in the obtainment of a modern line of authority and evaluation.  The absence of authority stock makes this line generally unstable-and its instability is noted amongst its practitioners and the general consumer public.  Dismissal and denial of the conceptual line is often due to the lack of interest in the "code" or due to the inability to believe its modern authority.

The Point of Ancestral Derivation

     The lines of record deviate based predominantly on one point that being the true line of ancestry of James Mitose.  The issue is due to pregnancy out of wedlock in regards to that of James' mother-Kiyoko.

     This pregnancy represents not only a biological event, but series of sociologic and religious errors that we must consider before understanding what people describe as historical fact.  This issue would affect very young adults as well as their respective families.  This issue would take place in a socially constricted society and one especially restrictive for females.  This pregnancy would bring shame and disgrace to the families and matters would be taken to dissolve this shame.

     The unfortunate ending to this pregnancy was a miscarriage and thusly the matters would then confound further.  The end result was the sending of this young girl to a foreign country to hide the shame of the family and social disgrace.  The arranged marriage in Hawaii to Otokichi Mitose, a older and distant removed cousin, would result in the birth of James.

     It is generally agreed upon and been shown that James returned for education back in Hawaii.  This act would show that there was money in the family to do such as well as an importance in being educated and raised in a traditional Japanese fashion.  The contention in the lineage is based not upon return but the ancestry of James' mother and of the male that had impregnated her.  The contention is whether James bears lineage through a mother of upper class or whether he bears lineage through an obscure minor religious sect.  In either case, James is born to a woman who has disgraced her family with a pregnancy out of wedlock.

The Yoshida Conjecture of the Primary Modern Lineages

     The primary modern lineages, those descendent of the Official Self-Defense Club, discuss that the James' mother was of upper class society.  She would be a member of the Yoshida family associated with the Kumamoto prefecture and family that would reside in Kumamoto castle.  This would place the lineage to strong historical ties to the Samurai warrior class, the warrior code and martial intellectual property.

     Thusly, the conjecture is that the teachings and codes of James Mitose are variants of general Buddhist code, Confucianism, the Samurai code and secret Yoshida family teachings.  The purpose of James' teachings in the United States was to continue this physical record of important "secret" techniques.  The accuracy of these teachings justifies the continuation of the human record and thus the authority of knowledge and rank processes.  Lacking is consideration as to whether record of the physical intellectual line can be traced back further than James.  This leads to a distinct issue especially in consideration to those that accuse James of stealing the information from prominent Okinawan karate masters.  The corresponding contribution by these criticisms is that James becomes the first to teach non-Japanese and one of the first to break the traditional kata format.

The Obscure Religious Sect Conjecture of the Secondary Modern Lineages

     The secondary modern lineages, those descendent of an elder James Mitose, discuss that James' mother was a descendent of an obscure religious sect that resided in the region of Mt. Kinkai supported by a religious temple described as Shaka-In.  Shaka-In would support a number of religious sects including various sects of Buddhism, Christianity in later times, as well as Shinto.  One of the practicing religious sects at Shaka-In, described by James as Kosho Ryu, would be the ancestral lineage.  James' mother would due to pregnancy be adopted out as a normal social customary act to the father's family-a claimed member of the Yoshida family.  The termination of the pregnancy negated the adoption, resulting in the necessity of the family to marry her out to a distant and senior cousin in Hawaii.

     The conjecture is that James coming of school age would be placed under care of his Grandfather, Onku, where he would be taught religious studies, the Kosho Sect teachings as well as a potential line of martial skillsets.

     The accuracy of these teachings is based purely on the credibility of James as there is little historical documentation to this obscure sect.  The actions of James in his life furthers the difficulty in one's ability to believe in this line of record.  The only historical accuracy in this conjecture is based upon the correct location of James' ancestry.  He indicates Mt. Kinkai at various points in his life-interviews, trial records and personal conversations to students.  The temple of suspected origin is a smaller temple associated with 3333 steps in the modern named region of Misato in Kumamoto, Japan.  It is a site of a yearly competitive race to the top held in the fall.  The temple records are said to indicate the history of the temple and of the presence of an obscure sect.  Whether James is related to this lineage is the point of conjecture.

     The next page will discuss the stories in relation to both the Yoshida clan and of Shaka-In temple.  The justification of lineage is, as hopefully the reader will see based upon much more than the information disseminated from James Mitose.  It is based upon the business and competitive aspect of the Kenpo lineage in relation to all other marketable martial art products.  It is no wonder that some will avoid the study of any Kenpo lineage or deny its history as a matter of self-preservation.  It makes logical sense to avoid invalidation of knowledge and spent resources-temporal and monetary.  This invalidation is seen as almost a chronic self-image issue amongst its entered practitioners.  The ability to justify a structured schooling is critical to all descendents for these reasons.  It is suspect that James most likely was schooled at the temple, but his education consisted of traditional schooling that would imbide him with the skills that could assess the martial arts community.  This however will be discussed on a further page.