James Masayoshi Mitose
- Information regarding the founder of Kosho Shorei Ryu Kenpo and the common origin of the modern Kenpo systems.

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Page One: Introduction
Page Two: Origin
Page Three: Authority
Page Four: Sources
Page Five: Kenpo
Page Six: Rank
Page Seven: Ancestry
Page Eight: Shinto
Page Nine: Shaka-In
Page Ten: Forgotten
Page Eleven: James
Page Twelve : The Math
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Page One: Introduction
     History is a complex and opinionated subject. It serves to support its victors, its victims and the ones in between as well.  It supports government.  It supports social and class structure.  It supports ideas as well as businesses.  It supports those who will side with its course and empower those that will take arms against it.  History may take place as factual evidence, methodical and bluntly true, to stories that will moralize certain attributes such as George Washington cutting down the cherry tree-a story unto which is historically untrue, but moralizes the importance of children to tell the truth.  In its many ways, history is an important matter in the development of the human structure and thusly is the reason we see it taught in schools.

     History then matters in these many ways to those who practice arts stemming from the ideology of James Mitose.  It matters to the authenticity, the hierarchy, and the monetary value of what it is that they teach.  This is very important to understand.  Information is based upon authority.  We demand it even if we don't know what it means to us.  James is important to this authority as he is the origin of the "ideas".  The "ideas" are not clearly defined or consistent within the lineage of his descendents, but there are "ideas" and there is an importance to his authority as it represents the accuracy of information translating through the human record.

     To begin the process of understanding the "ideas", we should reflect upon the life cycle as a normal process of growth and decay.  As humans, we will expand and contract over the span of our lives.  We begin life in isolated and protected worlds, expanding to our houses, our blocks, our neighborhoods, our cities, our states, our countries and sometimes even into the international world.  We must eventually contract with age to small communities, to our houses, to a room and chair within that house and then to a bed maybe at a nursing home or a home of own.  We will die as all humans will, comforted by a contraction that serves to hold and preserve the world that we knew.  We will all do it.  I will do it.  You will do it.  Our brain through its evolution has created the optimal process for us to accept our limitations within this world.  All that we do is limited and fleeting, time is short, and we often lose site of the important lessons.  I assure you that when you die the notion that you taught people how to get out of a choke or a hold is one of the last things that others will remember of you in their life, if they were even to remember you.

     James is not immune to the life process.  He had expanded and he had contracted as he was a product of life as are we all products of life.  He was a good man and a bad man, all at the same time, as are we all.  We may argue this point as students do to the teacher, but I assure you that even your best efforts are viewed as wrong to someone else.  This event will be viewed as wrong to a great many individuals, but I assure them that this is not the intention although the consequences may be real.

     While all events are good and bad, some events in life may be described as fundamentally bad or fundamentally wrong.  James had committed these as well.  It is these acts that make him unlike the many of us, and it is these acts that make it difficult for most to see value, if any, in such a man.  James worried about this in his dying days.  He like the rest of us considered the opinion of others as being important.  It a necessary part of being human and of being a social animal.

     Many will argue about the culpability of James in these events, but even James accounts for himself.  This accountability is correct if we follow his ideology (at least one version of it) as well as if we understand the fullest meaning of being a teacher and a parent.  He is connected to the matters whether direct or indirect in belief.  These are issues he owned.  He cannot be resolved from them nor can his ideology.  Fundamental wrongs cannot be simply denied, nor should they simply discredit an idea.  Again the "ideas" are inconsistent and often undefined but they are present in some form amongst his ideological descendents.

     The next pages or chapters will serve to explore the origins of the "ideas".  They will explore how all the "ideas" are in some way consistent from their origin, but stemming from the understanding of a teacher and a man who is changing for the good and also for the bad.  The student's error is the belief that a teacher will not change.  Fundamental life errors take place when we create ideology at immature stages of our lives that bind us throughout the rest of them.  I see these errors every day as a teacher.  Life is grey.  I assure you that if you do not understand the grey, you have failed to explore and choose a proper life system.  You do not need to understand the grey to understand these chapters but to understand yourself you must eventually explore it.  The grey is fundamental.  James I believe knew the grey and abused it, but that is a discussion to come.