James Masayoshi Mitose
- Information regarding the founder of Kosho Shorei Ryu Kenpo and the common origin of the modern Kenpo systems.

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Biographic Summary of James Mitose
Common/American Name: James Mitose
Born Name: Masayoshi Mitose
Also Known As: Masakichi Mitose
Titled Name: Reverend James Mitose
Internet Appearances As: Dr. James Mitose (Unknown origin other than honor)

Date of Birth: December 30, 1916
Place of Birth: Hawaii, United States
Recorded Departure from US: October 22, 1920
Recorded Re-Entry to US: February 25, 1937
WWII Japanese Internment: Honouliuli Camp (1942)
Date of Death: March 26, 1981
Age of Death: 64 years
Place of Death: Folsom Prison, Repressa, California
Cause of Death: Pneumonia, Stroke, Diabetes
Recorded Places of Living: Japan, Hawaii, California-Los Angelos
Positve Descriptions of Demeanor: Likeable, knowledgeable, confident, pleasant
Negative Descriptions of Demeanor: Lack of patience and short-temperedness especially when teaching

Father: Otokichi Mitose
Mother: Kiyoka Mitose
Sibling 1: Mikie (sister-04/08/1915)
Sibling 2: Shizue (sister-03/13/1918)
Sibling 3: Fusae (sister-06/14/1919)
Sibling 4: Matsuko (maternal half-brother-1924)
Sibling 5: Hisae (maternal half-sister-1925)
Wife: Dorthy Mitose
Children in Japan: 2 (Sissimo)
Children in Hawaii, US: 4 (Thomas Barro, Alvin, Alan)
Children in Los Angelos, CA: 3
In Regards to Children: Most were adopted out for various reasons with exception of Alvin and Alan.

Martial Title: 21st Grandmaster, Kosho Shorei Ryu Kenpo
Associated Martial Art Styles: Kenpo, Kempo, Kosho, Kenpo Karate, Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu, Kosho Ryu
School Head: Official Self-Defense Club-Lead Instructor (1944-1946)
School Affliations: Official Self-Defense Club-Thomas Young (1946-1953)
Noted Students: Thomas Young, William Chow, Nimhr Hassan, Bruce Juchnik, Robert Trias
First Black Belt Students: Thomas Young, William Chow (Young), Paul Yamaguchi, Arthur Keawe, Bobby Lowe
Martial Art Books: What Is Self-Defense? (1953), What Is True Self-Defense? (1979)
Kata Developments: Naihano, Mitose No Keiho, Neko Budo Katas
Conspiracies in Martial Arts: Origin of Mitose arts, fraudulent representation to promote Aikido in US
Current Issues in Martial Arts: Authority and rights of ownership to the knowledge line

Religious Affliations: Buddhism, Mormonism, Episcopalian, Roman Catholicism
Political Affliations: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Community leaders in both Japan and US
Group Afflications: Japanese-American Friendship Society (Eisenhower as Honorary Head)
Known Interests: Reading-Primarily Detective/Mystery Novels
Medical Services: Herbal and manual medicinal treatments (US-unlicensed)
Other Public Services: Local Fundraising for various organizations
Occupation/Income Sources: Variable streams including medical services, counseling services
Income/Non-Convention Sources: Owning of massage parlor/prostitution ring, extortion/theft of funds
Economic Status/Wealth Position: Low income

Arrest/Conviction 1: First Degree Murder of Toshiko Namimatsu, Conspiracy to Murder, Solicitation to Murder Arrest/Conviction 2: Extortion, Grand Theft
Date of Incident: March 1973
Date of Conviction: September 16, 1974
Prison/Incarceration: Folsom Prison, California
Associated Persons: Dorothy Mitose, Terry Lee (AKA Nimhr Hassan), Alvin Mitose